Sustainability Assessment

The 2005 UK Sustainable Development Strategy defines the goal of sustainable development as:-

‘to enable all people throughout the worlds to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising the quality of life of future generations.’   

Sustainability Assessment can be required at strategic, plan or project level, or a sustainability standard such as BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Home or CEEQUAL can be a requirement or aspiration for project achievement.

Moore Environment has been committed to providing holistic and sustainable solutions to the design, planning and management of the built and rural environment since inception in 1997. We have carried out or contributed to sustainability assessments at project level and assisted with the achievement of ‘excellent’ for projects on all of the main standards.

Project level assessments, or statements may be required at planning stage. This can be a working document that confirms all the elements which contribute to the sustainability of a development, or where improvements are required. It can also put in place a framework to monitor the status and progress as the project develops. We recently successfully completed a Sustainability Statement for a multi use site in Oldham, to a challenging deadline.



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