Visualisation including Photomontage

Visualisation is a powerful tool to communicate the vision of a project. We  frequently produce high quality illustrative materials, including hand drawn or computer generated, for presentation, consultation, publication or exhibition.

Consultation Leaflet for St Mary's Churchyard Improvements

Consultation Leaflet for St Mary’s Churchyard Improvements

Photomontages are sometimes required to simply illustrate a project, for inclusion in presentation or exhibition material. More frequently they are required to provide an accurate and verifiable representation of how the project will appear from various viewpoints – and are frequently required to support assessment work and planning applications.

For an accurate and verifiable representation of the finished project, a recognised methodology must be used through all stages of production, from taking the original photographs to the finished photomontage. Methodology to be used, including best practice and guidance appropriate to the industry sector, and locations of the viewpoints should be agreed in consultation with the local planning authority. Selected locations should provide a representative sample of views from the most sensitive receptors.

Photomontage Viewpoint produced for M1 J19

Photomontage Viewpoint produced for M1 J19

Verifiable photomontages have been produced to accompany EIA, LVIA and planning applications for proposed development including renewable energy, infrastructure, inland waterway marinas and housing.


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