Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) are often required to accompany planning applications. Used as an aide to design and at an early stage in a project an LVIA can assist with:-

  • site selection and/or optimisation of site layout
  • minimising effects on local or wider views to the project, amenity and landscape character
  • maximising the use of views out to enhance project design
  • addressing potential objections
  • producing a more environmentally sensitive scheme

LVIA deals with:-

  • the effects of changes to the physical landscape, its character and qulaities
  • the changes to views, for example from homes, public rights of way or heritage features.

It enables clear judgements to be made about the sensitivity of the landscape and its capacity to accommodate change. Understanding the nature of these changes protects the landscape and contributes to sustainable developments that fit the landscape, mitigate adverse effects or enhance landscape quality or character.

We have experience in LVIA across a wide range of project types including housing, renewable energy, inland waterway marinas and major engineering projects such as highways. Topics include:-

  • landscape character assessment
  • sensitivity and capacity studies
  • visual impact
  • environmental impact assessment
  • landscape master planning
  • third party review
  • planning applications
  • public inquiries
  • production of photomontages and zones of theoretical visibility (ZTV)
  • sketches and visualisations


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