Environmental Planning, Design and Management

Successful environmental planning, design and management ensures that all the strands of a project are pulled together to meet or exceed the project brief and that all design solutions are integrated, realistic, holistic and sustainable.

As a first step in the environmental planning process environmental opportunities and constraints from both the site and the wider area are identified and analysed.

Opportunities might include potential for nature conservation enhancement, views out of the site, landscape assets such as existing mature trees, contribution to green infrastructure or biodiversity initiatives. Constraints might include statutory environmental designations such as for species, landscape or cultural heritage, the need to protect existing vegetation, requirements for further data with seasonal constraints, views back in to the site from neighbouring receptors.

Any need for further data is confirmed, including site work, to ensure compliance with legislative and planning requirements and any risk to the project in terms of cost or programme can be established.

Environmental design may be stand alone or an integral and iterative part of the assessment process, defining mitigation to reduce the identified impacts of the project or to provide gains or enhancement over the existing situation.

Design measures may include soil management, habitat creation or management, sustainable drainage, wetlands, noise reduction features, fencing, mounding and hard and soft landscape features.

Management and sustainability of environmental proposals is built in at design stage to ensure project objectives are achieved. In this way management regimes and costs are identified early in the process and can be built into whole life costs. Management plans, either stand alone or for handover, are produced detailing regimes for set time periods.

We have been involved with the successful environmental planning, design and management of a wide range of projects, including infrastructure, housing, open space, inland waterway marinas and educational facilities. We provide a one stop shop of environmental expertise using our network of specialist suppliers.


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