Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a formal process used to identify the potential effects of any development project. EIA ensures that possible issues are foreseen and addressed as a part of the planning and design – to minimise negative effects and maximise any opportunities for environmental enhancement.

EIA is not just a process to us. As design professionals and environmental coordinators we are best placed to make sure the overall vision for the project is not lost. We can make the most of opportunities to include positive measures such as habitat creation and sustainable drainage that can enhance the environment and contribute to an excellent environmental performance, reflected in BREEAM, CEEQUAL or Code for Sustainable Homes ratings.

We have carried out and coordinated a number of EIAs and written, co-ordinated and reviewed Environmental Statements for a diverse range of schemes, including large scale infrastructure, housing, leisure, inland waterway marinas and can advise on all stages of EIA and the planning process.

We offer a one stop shop of environmental expertise, covering the complete range of topics required for assessment by using a selected network of specialist companies. In this way we can provide a total and independent environmental service at highly competitive rates and offer the highest level of skill and experience in a wide range of topics.

EIA Screening and Scoping

We can advise on EIA from the earliest stages including briefing and managing a highly experienced team to advise on the scope of early environmental investigations and assessment and to carry out all site investigation work. Services include:-

Screening – testing the project against the regulatory background to determine whether EIA is likely to be required for a development project.

Screening Opinion – preparation of a formal request for a Screening Opinion from the planning authority, including collection and reporting of all supporting environmental data.

Scoping – agreeing the scope of the assessment with key stakeholders, and the content of the report.

Where EIA is not required we can provide a complete environmental service to assess, report and resolve relevant issues to minimise environmental programme and cost risk to the project and maximise performance.

EIA and Environmental Statements

We have successfully coordinated and managed the EIA process for a diverse range of project types and sizes for both the public and private sector for over 16 years.

Consultation – we recommend early and thorough consultation with all project stakeholders, to improve understanding and support, ensure compliance and an excellent design outcome with the highest environmental performance.

We add value to the process by effective briefing, management and coordination of our EIA team, based on our considerable experience and deign profession background.



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