Wind Turbine Schemes, Nationwide

Clients: Seren Energy and Bowler Energy

Wind Turbine PhotomontageMoore Environment have produced LVIA’s to support planning applications and planning appeals for a number of wind turbine schemes across Wales and England.

All LVIAs have been carried out in accordance with current guidance published by the Landscape Institute (LI), Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), the Countryside Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage and, for projects in Wales have utilised the LANDMAP methodology for landscape impact analysis.

Outputs have typically included:-

  • baseline survey of landscape character and environmental resources
  • sensitivity and capacity studies of the landscape
  • production of Zones of Theoretical Visibility including for cumulative assessments
  • production of photomontages from key viewpoints
  • impact assessment on landscape character, planning policies and historical or special landscape areas
  • visual impact assessment for receptors such as individual dwellings, communities, public rights of way (PROW), local roads and heritage features such as Scheduled Monuments and Listed Buildings.
  • cumulative assessment of the proposal in conjunction other turbine schemes in the local area
  • the development of mitigation strategies including measures to restore and enhance the local landscape character
  • working with our sub-consultants to produce Heritage Asset reports for schemes in England and ASIDOHL 2 reports for those in Wales.


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