St Mary’s Churchyard, Moseley

Client: Parish of St Mary’s Moseley
Completed: Ongoing

St Marys ChurchSt Mary’s churchyard is a green space in the centre of a vibrant suburb of Birmingham. The grounds are in a reasonable condition but suffer from a number of issues such as lack of positive management, poor accessibility and anti-social behaviour.

The Churchyard Heritage Committee (CHC) appointed Moore Environment to develop proposals to implement an access and interpretation scheme to improve the churchyard environment, tell the story of the church and transform the grounds into an accessible green space for the benefit of the local community and visitors to Moseley.

As part of the project, Moore Environment carried out extensive public consultation with a strategy purposefully targeted to ensure particular attention could be paid to the views of the local community and regular visitors to the village. The findings from the public consultation were used to help develop the landscape masterplan and detail design and obtain Heritage Lottery Funding for the churchyard improvement scheme.

Proposals include extensive improvements for access and circulation, soft landscape, lighting and signage, new seating, exhibition and meeting areas, and improved security to reduce anti-social issues.

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