Cloverley Pool, Shropshire

Client: Heywood-Lonsdale Estate

Cloverley Pool ExistingMoore Environment worked on behalf of Middlemarch Environmental Ltd to provide a landscape and visual impact assessment for a proposal to reduce the level of Cloverley Pool at Calverhall in Shropshire and discontinue its use as a reservoir.

The objective of the assessment, undertaken alongside a biodiversity survey, was to determine the potential effect of the proposal in ecological, visual and landscape terms.

Cloverley Pool is situated to the south of Calverhall village in Shropshire. The Pool is an ornamental lake, originally part of the designed landscape of grounds of Cloverley Hall, a Victorian Country House now used as a Christian Retreat and Conference Centre.

The Pool and much of the surrounding land is owned by the Heywood-Lonsdale Estate, comprising areas of dense woodland surrounded by open fields with mature individual trees scattered within a rolling landscape.

Moore Environment undertook a LVIA including establishing the capacity and sensitivity of the landscape using Topic Paper 6. Due to its location in a valley and surrounded by dense vegetation the proposal to reduce the level of Cloverley Pool was assessed as having a limited impact on the landscape and visual amenity of the area. Mitigation proposals were however recommended to protect the existing vegetation, ensure the retention of an area of open water visible from Cloverley Hall and to manage the growth of vegetation within the drained area.

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